Types of partnership

Introducing Broker

This mode of partnership pivots on utter confidence. It enables a company to represent InstaForex interests in a certain region or city. InstaForex adds information about the partners having this status on its main site; moreover, clients do confide more in partners qualified as introducing brokers. Another benefit associated with this type of cooperation is the opportunity to get an extra affiliate commission for services rendered. The additional commission is calculated based on the company´s turnover in a certain region.


This type of partnership opens doors for additional profit without the need to invest anything, through boosting the customer base. The main priority of a trader-partner is recommending InstaForex to the relatives, friends, and acquaintances. This is the initial stage of building a solid business relationship. This mode of cooperation does not require any knowledge of online marketing, related experience or investments. At the same time, it may bring you a good extra commission comparable to that paid to large InstaForex partners.

Investment Project

Joint work upon an investment project might be interesting for many potential InstaForex partners. It is only necessary to present a well-considered project to attract investment to Forex. This brings you a considerable part of the spread thus increasing your profit manifold. What is more, you will also be paid a good percentage of the turnover your project makes. There is hardly a better option of investing customers´ funds as you do benefit from it.


This is the perfect option for anyone running a website dedicated to finance. Enjoy smooth and profitable collaboration and income from your website regardless of how many visitors it attracts. Be sure, InstaForex ensures you the best terms of partnership!

Educational Project

Educational Project is the mode for those who introduce beginning traders into the theory and practice of trading that is to bring them considerable revenue in future. Having received the status of InstaForex partner, most educational projects saw the revenue soar to 80%-100%. Partners are also entitled to commissions from trades carried out by clients of the training centre.


Projects for online exchange bring in a huge influx of customers. Become a partner of InstaForex and you will see your project getting increasingly popular and easily recognizable. Offering depositing and withdrawing as internal transfers, exchangers step up the turnover. The customer base expands thanks to the existing clients of InstaForex.

VPS Hosting

A partner of InstaForex enjoys abundant advantages. Any partner having a virtual private server can offer web hosting accredited by InstaForex and get additional affiliate commission.


This mode of partnership is for those who like keeping online journals. If you are one of them, then do not hesitate to become InstaForex blogger, and you will be entitled to 1.5-5.3 pips from each trade carried out by customers referred using a special link placed on your web portal. Cooperation with InstaForex will definitely benefit your blog as its content will be complemented by banners, RSS feeds, and Forex informers.

Forex Signal Provider

It has been developed by InstaForex for partners who are into selling trading signals. You will have extra income by referring customers and placing marketing materials on your web portal, which is mutually beneficial. For your convenience, InstaForex also offers you innovative ForexCopy system that will help your customers find out which trading signals experienced traders use.

Advisors Seller

Another way to get additional profit is selling expert advisors online. InstaForex provides its partners with promo materials and allows posting characteristics of advisors on sale as well as advertising advisor development services in InstaForex online EAs store.

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